Pastel Portraits

The art of this world only matters when it is used to enrich our lives and creates memorable moments of connection with those we love. 

The Artist works from photographs, and loves to bring out a subject's natural beauty. She takes time and care with each portrait,

and may require a few weeks for completion.


A typical portrait size is 9x12 or larger.  Cost is $200 and up, depending upon size, background, number of subjects and complexity.

Click on the Portrait Prices page for the different options available. 


A Beautiful Feline




This handsome feline is celebrating his 15th birthday.

9x12 Pastel on Toned Paper







A warm playful puppy that strives for love and affection.

9x12 Pastel on Toned Paper





Saved a bunch of money on his car insurance.

9x12 Pastel on Toned Paper




Farewell Father

A tribute to his life.

9x12 Pastel on Toned Paper




Scored first place in the school spelling bee. 

Congratulations to the lucky fellow!

9x12 Pastel on Toned Paper



My Hero

This image was from a combination of pictures brought together for a gift for her Dad's 75th Birthday.

11x14 Pastel on Toned Paper

Pencil Portraits