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Jill-Ann Cherofsky

The Artist adores soaking in images, letting them mix with her own emotions, and then expressing back a glorious work of art. She puts her full passion into her work, and is delighted when all that investment of energy can lift someone's spirits.


A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., the Artist has portraits in collections all throughout the region.  Jill-Ann's passion in Art began early in life and continues with each day. Art teachers and friends recognized her natural gift and encouraged her from an early age. Today she continues to evolve as an Artist and finds deep pleasure in the creation process of Art.

Cherofsky appreciates feedback and criticism.  She feels that the fresh perspective helps her evolve as an Artist. She describes her personal style as "right at the verge of realism, yet impressionist enough that you enjoy it as a painting." and loves the sense of excitement that her work can evoke in another person.

Jill-Ann takes pleasure in experimenting with different mediums to expand her work in unexpected ways. Her exceptional use of sensual colors and texture, combined with the delicacy of her talent has been given the title of “Classical Realism.”  She has a lovely, romantic style that emulates her personality and has made her work sought after by collectors throughout the nation. 

Cherofsky's works, especially the recently completed novel “Kairos” have inspired and touched the hearts of so many.  She has exhibited in national juried art shows, where she has won numerous awards. Her work is exhibited in Limner Gallery and the Organization of Independent Artists, both in New York and in other collections across the United States.  Maximillien J. De Lafayette of the International Herald Daily News and best selling author features the artist in his book entitled "United States and the World Face to face" where he writes; "Jill-Ann Cherofsky excels in capturing the moment and the nostalgic esthetics.  A superb artist who adds warmth and tender elegance to the art of portraiture. "

The Artist divides her time between doing illustrations and portraits and enjoys both. She would love to hear from you, and is delighted to discuss doing commissions  Jill-Ann works out of a studio in her home, where she resides with her husband Teddy of 17 years and her pussycat Fluffy. You can reach her by going to the contact page.

Enjoy your visit here and share in the Artist's aspiration to send conscious, artistic, and thought provoking messages out into the world.


School of Visual Art, New York, NY; Illustration

Private Workshops at: Art Students League and The National Arts Club, New York, NY


2009 77th Grand National Exhibition, The Salmagundi Club, New York, NY

2008 Brush Exhibition, The Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, NY

2005 Member Exhibition, The American Artist Professional League, New York, NY

2005 Wider Circle of Friends Invitational Art Exhibition, New York, NY

2005 National Art Show, Guests Gallery, Lilburn GA

2005 New Member Exhibition, The Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, NY

2004 Paintings Graphics Sculpture, The American Artist Professional League, New York, NY

2004 Carnival of the Animals, Organization of Independent Artists, New York, NY
2003 Landscapes, Cityscapes & People, Linmar Gallery, New York, NY

2003  Miniature V, Period Gallery, Omaha, NE

2002 Small Works, Linmar Gallery, New York, NY    

2002 Portrait Arts Festival, New York, NY

2001 4th National Exhibition, AQA Gallery, Queens, NY

2000 International Miniature Art Show, Westwind Gallery, Casper, WY

1999 Grand Central Gallery; National Art Competition, American Artist NYC
2005   New York's Artist of the Hour, International Herald Daily News

2004   Pastel Society of America Scholarship, New York, NY

2004   Work of New Year, Guests Gallery, Lilburn, GA

2003   Honor Award; Connecticut Pastel Society

2002   Award of Merit, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY


GE Capital, Private Commissions

Goldman Sachs, Private Commissions

Owen and Mandolfo, Interior Design

Blue Claw Restaurant

Sovereign Baby Furniture

Private Portrait Commissions throughout the region


Art Niche New York; New York, NY

Vivid Expressions; Chesapeake, VA                   

Digital Consciousness Galleries

Art Exchange, Inc.; Hot Springs, AZ

Yessy Art Gallery; Boulder, CO

All Original Art; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ask-Art; The Artist Bluebook

Audubon Artists, New York, NY

The Pen and Brush, Inc., New York, NY

The American Society of Portrait Artists

The Portrait Society of America, Tallahassee, FL

Organization of Independent Artists, New York, NY

Tribeca Downtown Gallery Association, New York, NY

The American Artists Professional League Inc., New York, NY



United States and the World Face to Face

International Herald Daily News

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