NEW YORK ARTISTS OF THE HOUR By Maximillien de Lafayette, Syndicated Columnist.*



Sinuous, by Jill Ann Cherofsky,  pastel on toned paper.

Cherofsky works with graphite and pastel. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Jill-Ann Cherofsky excels in capturing the moment and the nostalgic esthetics. A superb artist who adds warmth and tender elegance to the art of portraiture.

Tibet I, by Patricia Tallone Orsoni, hot and cold glass casting.

An austere elegance blended with intelligent structural compositions defines the beauty of the  metallic Gnosticism of Orsini. Solid and quasi organic in its free movement, the art of Patricia Tallone Orsoni anchors deep internal reflections and reflects the tumultuous serenity of a mature and bursting talent.

About The Moon, by Orsoni, etching collage.

The El, by Gerda Roze

Roze's quest for the unfamiliar and the hidden is clearly visible in the ethereal movement of her strokes, the romantic unison between evolving colors and lyrical esthetical freedom. Within this autonomy, a sincere beauty and artistic depth emerge in an eloquent silence. Gerda Roze's work is a refreshing breeze echoing romantic nostalgia and intimate beauty.

David Haber's exploration of digital computer produced remarkable work harboring rhythmically enchanting forms and spontaneous beauty.

Ruben Valdez, creator of is an enigma to some and an icon to many others. Visit his website and sink you teeth in a delightful potpourri of gossips, photos of art groupies and dashing mademoiselles de New York.

Cynthia Karalla knows very well how to attract the public attention. Her talent is controversial and


Job: "Look at crimes in cities", by David Haber, digital Adobe Photoshop image .


The Piano Composition by Cynthia Karalla, photo montage.

challenging. Her persona is mesmerizing. And of course her most recent creation of a photo montage of the most precious and intimate parts of male anatomy brought to life in her "Piano Keyboard" is flashing red flags and enchanting the curiously intellectual. I am curious to know what curator extraordinaire, Jan Lynn Sokota and Prof. Piero Celona, Vice president of the Biennalewould and could tell us about Karalla's daring art. Look again at Karalla's intimate parts photo montage, photo collage or...perhaps a new challenge to the absurd intellectualism. Cynthia's talent transcends the frontiers of banal minds. It teases you, it challenges you and embarks you on a new Grail esthetics understanding QUEST! She is sinfully delightful. If you have guts, two or three different definitions of priorities and a sense of the "beautiful risqué", then and only then, enjoy and dare to enjoy her current show at JEN BEKMAN GALLERY, 6 Spring Street, New York. It could be a multidimensional experience.

Steven Lipman, Zelda Kaplan, Cynthia Karalla, & Milwaukee.

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